Rolling in Green

Hey guys! How is life treating you? Definitely need to slow down the shopping spree ever since the GST rule has come out! How are you guys dealing with it? I am someone who completely relies on online shopping as in Goa I don’t get the brands I prefer , so until I decide to go to Mumbai or Delhi I need to survive on online shopping and currently with the increased taxes am so not loving it! 😭 anyways so today’s post is all about the greens, I had shot for this one long back in May but didn’t get the time to post it , and now after getting my hair coloured I so don’t like my pictures of the pre hair colour phase . I am sure everyone who loves thier new hair colour goes through this dilemma right?! So I must say the olive is definitely ruling in my wardrobe. So here I have just styled the mini tshirt dress i had ordered this dress from Shein but sadly the size I ordered in ended up being slightly big for me and the sleeves turned out to be too long , none the less the quality of the cloth is really good and very cozy, it feels like a soft blanket from the inside! I felt really hot while I shot for this post as May is the hottest month in Goa and the cloth is a warm one so I was literally drenched in sweat after just 10 mins . I would definitely love to wear this outfit again in the streets of London along with fishnet stockings and another trench coat from the top! There are various ways to style a plain tshirt dress and here I have styled it just basic with boots . Initially I did try out the outfit with a metallic belt but it didn’t quite go with the outfit tho I’ve kept few pictures just to see , a corset belt would have been a better option but unfortunately I don’t own one yet! So here I just styled them with my boots for an easy breezy look . Hope you liked this post and do not forget to like , share and comment down what do you think! Also do not forget to follow me on my instagram handle – shriyapandita06                                                      

Lots of love : 

Shriya Pandita ❤️

Dress: Shein ; boots: Forever21 

  1. Your posts contain mostly the same poses. You can try giving different poses and cluck pics at different places.

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