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Hola guys! Here I will be sharing with you more detail on Cafes of Pondicherry. In case you came here directly from my itinerary for Pondicherry welcome again 😉 and if you are new, hello to you and worry not as this read will totally be worth your time!

For those who do not know, along with being known for its beaches and sunrises another thing famous over here its cafes. So let me tell you about all the cafes of Pondicherry that I visited and absolutely fell in love with!



One of the most famous cafes of Pondicherry located in the centre of White Town itself, this one has to be on your list when you visit here. Entire interiors are done in pastels and what else could make me happy? Nothing! We went here for breakfast and had indeed quite an indulging one. Their best definitely seemed to be the egg benedicts, pasta and sandwiches. They also have a service wherein you can write a letter for your loved ones and they will post it for you. How cute is that? The price for 2 people would come approximately up to 800 INR.


Another one of the must visit cafes of Pondicherry. Run by an European chef it makes sure it’s famous for what it’s known. They have a huge range of vegan dishes to choose from for breakfast as well as lunch/dinner. We were quite full by the time we came here so we went ahead and tried their deserts and it was really delicious. It has a really beautiful garden patio where one can really chill nicely between the palm leaves. The price for 2 people would come approximately up to 1200 INR if you go for a full meal. The place is a bit pricy but I feel it’s worth visiting if you are anyways in Pondi.


This one is widely popular among a lot of tourists and mainly cause they have nice wall art done on their entrance. When we arrived here, there was legit a huge line of people waiting just to click against that frame! Tbh I personally felt it has more inside than outside. Being a book lover I actually liked this place as they had a huge collection of antique books and a very cosy vibe to sit and chill. We just sipped on some cold coffee over here. The price for 2 people would come approximately up to 700 INR. If you like funky jewellery there are a lot of vendors who sit outside this cafe.


This is the trippiest yet the coolest cafe I have come across among all the other cafes of Pondicherry. Situated few shutters away from Cafe Des Arts , this cafe isn’t spoken much of. The artwork done here inside is exhilarating and brilliant beyond words!! The entire art is done in neon paints so if you are wearing white you will definitely glow. They also have a famous wall art done of wings which a lot of people wait to get clicked with. If not to eat , you need to visit it to see the beautifully done work on the walls.


Known for their burgers, this mini cafe is situated slightly away from the central White town. The vibes of this place literally took us into another time with vintage music playing in the background and the rustic interiors making us just want to sit back and relax. The burgers are really good and quite huge in size (which is a good thing!) and the best part is they have the same options for veg and non-veg. The average price for 2 people is approximately INR.800. Must visit if you are a burger lover!


This cafe is situated on your way to Auroville. It takes about 20 minutes from Pondicherry so its perfect as your breakfast stop on your way to see the Matri Mandir. This cafe has really amazing vegan food and earlier I wasn’t exactly a fan of the vegan culture until I tasted the pancakes over here and now I just want to go back to have them again! They have a large variety of healthy smoothies to choose from along with some amazing croissants and crofins (croissant + muffin!)


Another famous among cafes of Pondicherry known specifically for its crepes. You don’t get just chocolate / plain crepes but customized ones from a huge variety to choose from for both veg and non-veg people. We tried their mushroom onion caramel one(I sadly dont remember the exact name) and it was really worth it. They also sell a lot of Pondicherry souvenirs and have a very chilled out spacing to sit in. The average price for 2 will be approximately INR 600.


This is a very well known among the cafes of Pondicherry for its pizzas. Situated with a good rooftop its a perfect place to have amazing pizzas after a tiring day. We tried 3-4 of their pizzas in veg and non-veg both but couldn’t get if it was worth the hype. But anyway’s since a majority of the people said it’s awesome maybe we just didn’t go on a good day! The average price for 2 will be approximately INR 1000.


Earlier when the plan was made this cafe was never on our list as we had another one in mind which we didn’t know had shut down. So this happened to be just beside’s it and I am so happy that we ended up coming here! We had a huge craving for North Indian food and they did justice to it perfectly. We ordered the good old butter chicken, paneer makhani, dal along with naan and it really was a happy meal! The seating area is really chilled and sophisticated but nice place to dine at if you have the time. The average pricing of 2 people will be INR.1000 or so.


Another one of the fancy restaurants where you can have a nice chilled out dinner date is this. Situated right opposite the Rock Beach the view here is spectacular. The only sad part is it opens after 7 pm so you miss the beautiful sunset! Coming to the food they have some nice Asian cuisine and we went ahead and tried the vegan veg momo’s and they were definitely worth it. The pricing again depends on how much you order but on an average should cost you INR 1200-1500 for 2 people.


This place has to be on your must-visit when here. Famous for its hot chocolate and everything they sell in chocolate from pakoras to sweets to drinks this place is heaven for all chocolate lovers out there, AKA ME! One of their must-haves is the hot chocolate that they serve with a chocolate spoon, like how yummy and cute is that at the same time? The price is approx INR 500 for 2 people.


A famous gelato shop located along the Rock Beach, its a perfect treat you can give yourself after a good walk along the Promenade Stretch. They have a huge variety to choose from and it’s delicious delicious delicious! They are priced for approx INR 100 per scoup. So make sure to add this to your list of cafes of Pondicherry to visit.

I hope you guys found this blog informative on Cafes of Pondicherry and make sure to spread it around if you’ll found it helpful! Make sure to tell me your views in the comment section below ❤️

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