My Trip To Kashmir

Hey guys!!!! How are you all?? I know am not being active for quite some time now but work has totally overloaded me and i am left with barely any time , but now i am back with a new post which i am sure your gonna love! This one is about my trip to Kashmir last week ,and also i will be writing recommendations of where to stay,where to roam where to shop etc etc! so lets get started! I left with my family on 23rd night from Goa around 11pm by flight to Delhi and then took another flight from Delhi to Srinagar at 6 am in the next morning ,so basically we had no sleep and it was indeed very difficult to pass the night easily but then few cups of coffee did help eventually. So once we landed in Srinagar we headed towards Gulmarg and reached the hotel around 3pm . And once we reached there all we did was check in and fall asleep and the next thing i remember is waking up at night for dinner lol! So basically it wasnt a much productive day apart from yes getting a very satisfying sleep so i wont really call it as Day 1 ,or should i still ? I dunno! For my outfit i literally picked up the first top that fell off from my wardrobe as i had a really busy day that day and went for makeup free look so basically i just have a mirror selfie as my ootd haha ! I have done a mini room tour video and i will be putting that up soon on my Instagram .So we stayed at this beautiful hotel called ROSEWOOD HOTEL .It is truly a mesmerising place and what i fell in love with was the serene view i had outside my balcony, the birds chirping along with the gushes of the fresh river water, how i wish i could go back there right now!


DAY 1  :

So finally we are all set for our first day! Initially our itinerary for day 1 was to visit Gulmarg gondola on both the levels ,and later visit the Cherry garden, go for some trout fishing but we just managed to get the first one ticked off! We left from the hotel in the morning around 10 am and reached the gandola station within 10 minutes .We took a gandola and went to the first level called Kongdori ,during summers you can see the serene beauty of the nature and how the snow clad mountains continue to sooth you .We then directly took the 2nd gandola and went to the next level called Afarbhat and gosh it  was so darn beautiful cause you could see and touch snow yippie!(My excitement levels were way too high!) So once we came out we had to trek for a little time of 5-10 minutes in order to reach the snow covered area, and in no time we all felt out of breath as it is around 4000m above sea level and oxygen was deficient ,so it took us little time in order to stabilise and once we reached the snow area it was so magical , and for someone like me who has never witnessed even a snowfall it was very exciting, but i never knew walking in snow was a very hard task ! So we basically had a lot of fun clicking pics ,trying our hand at skiing and failing miserably cause its no easy task, throwing snow on each other and just playing around! We didn’t even realise that it was past 1:30 when we say the time ,as it was getting windy we decided it was time to go down .The magical part of Gulmarg is that in 5 minutes you will witness rain ,sunshine,hails ,snow and it will take place in no time ,i wonder what it must be like in winter if this is the amount of fun in just the hottest month there( which FYI is 10 degrees ) ,then we went to the first level and decided to have lunch first as we were damn hungry and wile having lunch some unfortunate incident took place of a tree falling on the gandola cable wire cause of which a mishap took place and it had to be stopped for that time , everyone got worried as this had never ever happened before in its history and now we all would be stuck for 4 hours minimum before getting back to the ground ,so by now it was already 4:30 and then dads friends who were also with us arranged for atv’s and with them we had to go down and it was really a scary ride as previously it had rained really heavily and the hills were all mucky and the stones were all around fallen and broken ,it was definitely something worth experiencing ,but i would like to keep it as my first and last one . Then horses and more atvs were used in order to rescue the people stuck at the first level and then news came that the cable car rides would be closed for the next 10 days, we were lucky to have gone that day itself . So by the time we came back down it was approximately 6 and then we had to first go change before going anywhere as our clothes had become all mucky due to the ATV ride, then we chucked the later plans and just roamed around in gulmarg and we visited the Maharajah Harisingh’s palace , its placed on top of the hill and it a really beautiful place . The inside is really fancy and again what was eye catching was the wooden frameworks and the carpets put across. For the first half of the day i went for a very girly outfit , floral skater dress along with denim jacket and winter stockings and boots all of which i purchased from forever21(i will place the links of similar products from the site and others too later down) ,and topped it up with similar pink glares and a pink beanie. For the second half i just went with a more basic outfit of a long mint  coloured tshirt from ONLY along with basic pants and my adidas originals. Am sorry for the amount of pictures spamming but i just could not simply choose tad few!



View from where I stand!


The Gandola
The view from the Gandola



Links to shop similar :

Skater dress:




So that is a wrap for this post for mine! Do let me know if you liked it and il be posting a 2nd part of it soon ๐Ÿ™‚ And stay tuned for the next one as i will be talking about places to visit,where to go etc etc! sorry for the extra spamming of the pictures i just could not choose! Until then if u liked this post do not forget to like ,share and comment about what you think so!

Lots of love:

Shriya Pandita <3



  1. Lovely dear .Nice to you all well after this visit to Kashmir. Keep going this is nice to share the things with the rest of the world.May God bless you.

  2. Great feelings to see your blog. Good to see Rajendra in Kashmir. I remember when he told me the story (26 year back) he and his family had to leave Kashmir and me and my falily had to leave Libya in 2011 by leaving all our belongings there.
    God bless you my child!
    Suneet Gupta

  3. Enjoyed going through your story. It was marvellous. And the photographs out of this world. You are so photogenic. We recently returned from an exotic trip to Ladakh. You can see our pics on my fb page. My wife, my kids … and my 87 yr old mother in law. We don’t have the pleasure of knowing you … but we know your Dad very well. He is one of those few Govt servants who goes beyond the call of duty to help. So approachable … so kind. Do please see our Ladakh pics. You’ll enjoy them.

    1. Thank you Dr.Gustavo uncle for your lovely words and feedback, your appreciation is of course a word of blessings to do our new ventures, and i will definitely browse through the Ladakh pictures ๐Ÿ™‚ with regards

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