Winter’s with Plaids


Hey Fellas! With the winters still on who is already missing their summer dresses? Well I wish I could say that too considering I stay in Goa and its Summer all year long! Anyways hope you had a great start to 2019. Here I am dropping by another post wherein I show you alternate way of styling my white sweater that I used in my previous post as well. I am so grateful to all of you who constantly motivate me to work better by going through my work and giving your opinions about it! Well as a 21 year old girl who is constantly broke until dad doesn’t come to the rescue, trying to look fashionable and owning good pieces of clothing is quite hard especially when your budget is constantly limited.So I am pretty sure many of you girlies can relate to this situation ! Hence I try to come up with looks ,that I know can be worn multiple times and will be worthy of the price!

So for this look I decided to go with bold bright colours cause why not! I would love to spend my winters in the snow ,incase you are wondering it maybe so that I could get ready in various outfits consider that’s my side profession , but you know what? I would rather be under the blanket with Netflix on and enjoying myself some pizza and wine! Now that is the real personality of me.If you have been following me for quite sometime you would know I keep my outfits pretty minimal cause I personally believe that if you want to look good out there you gotta keep it easy too ya as what matters the most is personal comfort and I am sure everyone does agree on that part. Now getting back to the detailing of this look , I love plaids! So when I happened to find this dress online from SHEIN I knew I had to own it! Whenever I buy an outfit while I see it I happen to get a complete look in my head on how I would like to carry it off, does it happen with you too? Since that’s how I decide what I should buy and what not! Anyways moving on , the boots I had ordered via a friend of mine in the UK , I will put all the links of similar items at the end worry not! Its from a local brand over there called Ego :, which is a good brand but some people might find it a bit pricy hence you wait for days like the Black Friday sale just like how I did! The handbag is from Guess ,it was a gift from my brother so this look might have gone bit overboard with the pricing constraints I usually keep but come on you get the same thing from various other sites for cheaper too plus it was a gift! I decided to use a red one so that it would match with the boots and give a nice contrasting look to the dress which was of lighter brown tones plus the white sweater adding a light shade to the entire outfit.Anyways I hope you liked how I styled this outfit , and do not forget to like ,share and subscribe to my blog! I would really appreciate it if you guys could share your views and opinions so I could improve accordingly!:)

The handbag I could not get the exact ones link as it was bought in a store in Amsterdam a year ago! but I did add a link of something similar incase you liked it 🙂

Lots of Love;

Shriya Pandita ❤️



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