Green Lush ft.Zara

Hey guys!! Whats up??? I am back with a new post. As you guys know by now I don’t post any genre in particular and my outfits are more of feminine and casual outfits over street style, boho cause that isn’t my style and its casuals that one wears on day to day basis! Anyways todays outfit Is a really pretty green floral wrap around dress that I purchased from Zara around a month back. I decided to keep this look more of a beachy/tropical look where in I styled it up with the bamboo bag and looped earrings.I am going to be frank enough and say that it took me forever to get hold of this bag because many sites sold it for 2000 inr plus and I didn’t find it worth the investment keeping in mind that anyways it will get spoilt someday and I don’t earn yet! Luckily I came across it on shein and ordered it under the range of 1000 inr (*drumrolls of happiness*)!!! Does this happen with you too?When you have been hunting for a thing and you finally get it? 😛 Ok never mind! This dress I felt was giving out the perfect summer vibes especially if you are planning on spending your day off by the beach. Its print is a mix of bright coloured flowers making it stand out in right proportion. As I kept the look to be a beach one I wore pineapple flip flops with them and to save myself from some harsh tan gathered my self a hat too! You see it aint hard at all in getting ready.,its just a matter of what you buy when you enter the stores!And like I say this outfit of mine barely took me even 10 minutes to get ready along with my makeup done hehe! Hope you guys enjoyed this one ! Do not forget to like ,share and comment!

Lots of love,

Shriya Pandita


IMG_4334 2.JPG

IMG_4295 2.JPG

IMG_4320 3.jpg




IMG_4260 3.JPG

Dress: Zara ; Flip flops: Westside ; Bag: Shein ; Earrings: Forever 21; Hat: H&M


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