How To Style Cute This Winter

Hey all you beautiful people! Can’t believe we have already reached towards the end of 2018, time did fly didn’t it? It was definitely one of the best for me with so many new experiences and fun filled events , from travelling to many places this year to collaborating with some big brands to getting things done from college perspective, well it was quiet a busy year but definitely full of experiences ❤️ Hope you all also have had an amazing 2018, and incase you didn’t, worry not 2019 is there to get the best for you!

So keeping up with all the positivity and with my favourite season here , I couldn’t stop myself from styling myself pretending I am in some winter place although it’s still hot in Goa for sweaters 🙊So in this post I will be showing you how to stay stylish even in that chilly zone and yet being the most comfortable yet again(that is definitely my forte-being Comfy!) I wanted to give it a Parisian feel so went to style it in those terms. I went in for a cute sweater I had got last year from Shein, even toh it’s just a plain white one what stands out in it is the bell shaped sleeves which just make the outfit look so cute! For the bottom I went ahead with a bodycon skirt I had got from Forever 21 which ended up being quite short so I had to make sure i will use it someday still despite having thunder thighs! As it was a winter look I went ahead with black coloured stockings and black boots which are my all time favourite combo! Black boots can never go wrong on any outfit mind you , yup you need to own one pair of those to help you out in fashion emergencies. With baker caps in at the moment I decided to style it with my outfit, definitely making it a perfect one to wear when in Paris ! Ps: I am definitely repeating this outfit when I go there yuss! Also so the outfit doesn’t look plain just added a sling bag to complete the look. You could also wear this outfit for Christmas that’s the best part! With the reds,whites, black in it it’s a perfect Christmas outfit for a lunch date /dinner too infact .

Some tips to look thin even if you are not on the flat tummy side(like me!)

-wear high waist pants/skirts to make your tummy appear slimmer

-wear footwear with height to make your legs look elongated

-try to go for off shoulder tops as the focus goes on your shoulders and not your tummy!

These are all the hacks I try to make myself look slimmer cause I definitely don’t believe you need to have a flat tummy to be fit , well only cause I can’t stay without my food !😆

Anyways I hope you guys liked this post of mine and do not forget to like , share and comment ! Would be great ! Merry. Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you cuties! ❤️

Lots of love,

Shriya Pandita ❤️

Sweater: Shein |Skirt: Forever21|stockings: Shein| Boots: Forever21|baker cap: Forever21|Sling bag: H&M

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