7 Instagrammable Cafes In Jaipur!

Instagrammable Cafes In Jaipur. Hey guys! So on my recent trip to Jaipur, we found out that there were quite a few cafes worth visiting. None the less the 2 things that Jaipur is famous for are its cafes and the architecture (palaces and forts).

Just like everyone I also did my pretty good research on which ones we should visit, few of them were true to their word as described by people while a few were way below the expectations! Bummer right? Trust me, yes!

The first thing that you need to know is that these are well-maintained cafes, so the prices will slightly be on the higher side.  


Trust me this was the best place we visited. Prefer it for your morning breakfast and I can tell you there is nothing that is going to disappoint you over here. Make sure to order their Chai as its something most known for, and for the food definitely make sure to try out the Dal Pakwan ( delicious delicious delicious !!!).

The cafe is on the third floor and the view from the top is breathtaking! An average meal per person should cost you around INR 400 / 5-6 USD. Among various cafes in Jaipur, this was one of the most reasonable with excellent service!


Another one on the list in my cafes in Jaipur is Cafe Palladio which has really beautiful interiors all done in floral and pastels! Right from the sitting area outside till the cutlery used to serve dishes everything is done with so many artistic details. The food served is a mix of continental and Indian. It’s a nice place to chill and make sure to go during day time so you can capture the details of the interiors even better! The average price per person was INR 600, it actually depends on what you eat.


Another one of our favorites has to be this cafe located in central Jaipur. The ambiance is really aesthetic and gives you very “palmy” vibes hence the name La Palma! The food served here is continental and priced at a decent price plus they also have a large variety of cocktails/mocktail to choose from. They accept Zomato Gold so it’s a win-win situation! The meals we tried were Lemon Picatta Chicken and penne Chicken Arrabbiata and both were delicious.

Also do not forget to try out their desserts, we went ahead and had their famous La Palma chocolate volcano and it definitely didn’t disappoint us I can assure you! After using Zomato Gold the price came approx to INR.550/ 8 USD per person.


Another very aesthetically pleasing cafe you have to visit once if you happen to be in Jaipur. It opens only after 6:00 pm in the evening so you could go here for a nice quiet dinner after an entire day of sightseeing. The interiors are again very beautifully done completely in blue and white with a lot of chandeliers hanging inside.

What attracted me to come here was the number of times I had seen this place while browsing through Vogue magazines. When it came to food I was a bit disappointed because it wasn’t up to the mark. The pricing per person here came up to approx INR 450 because we just ordered 2 starters.


This was my favorite place if I have to rate taking into consideration food, rating, and ambiance. I had the best Cosmopolitan mocktail here and till today I haven’t had anything better anywhere! They serve Italian mostly and the pizzas are really amazing. We ended up hogging two in no time, it was that good!!

I would recommend it for dinner as you can chill and just casually spend some time. They also have Zomato Gold on drinks so viola for all those who want to loosen up after a tiring day! Price per person is approx INR 500-600 inclusive of drinks.


Sujan Mahal Palace is one of the fanciest places in Jaipur. The rent here per night is 45,000 INR and barely has 8 rooms. The only way to get a view of it all for cheaper is to visit the Collonade restaurant present inside. The interiors of this palace are absolutely beautiful and once you enter be prepared to be treated like one of the royals.

The feeling was really amazing but the food on the other hand was merely average in taste with a high price tag, but hey we were served butter on marble! The price per person comes up to INR 1000 so make sure you make the most of your time when you enter inside! ( Just for viewing pleasure)


If you want to be treated in an even more royal way, Rambagh Palace is the right place. Placed right in the middle of the city with a view of peacocks casually walking around while you dine, what more can a person ask for? Unlike Collonade, the food here was brilliant and the interiors even more mesmerizing. The dishes we had were Awadhi Gilawat on Warqi Paratha and Murgh Reshmi Seekh Kebab.

We really wanted to try Laal Maas but we were running out of time but the manager was very sweet and offered us with Rose Ice cream which was handmade with rose petals from the royal garden which was the best Rose ice cream I had to date. The price per person will be approximately INR 1500 but it is so worth it, trust me when I say that!

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