Ten things 2020 Lockdown taught me to be grateful for.

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog. The last few weeks have been really hard for us all during this 2020 lockdown, and especially for the ones who were needed to work even when the rest of the world could make use of the phrase -better safe than sorry quite literally and protect themselves while these warriors continued to take care of us by providing facilities and food. Hence I want to begin this post by personally thanking all the great people out there helping us stay safe- the doctors, policemen, delivery people, and everyone else working tirelessly 🙏✨ You are the real heroes!

I wanted to share few things that I have learnt personally over the last few weeks in this lockdown.

Learn to love yourself, pamper yourself, have a nice hot shower & prepare a nice meal for yourself, enjoy the sunset and be grateful for this beautiful life that you have❤️

2020 Lockdown taught me the following:

  1. I am very blessed and actually am very lucky to have a proper house along with food and water, enough to help me survive. An empty house never has value until it is decorated according to the person living there and same way I had no value and was very disappointed that my plans of decorating were postponed to god knows when and considering this was the first time I moved out of my house, I was very excited. But after reading and seeing everything happening around me I just began learning to be grateful for what I have rather than thinking of “what if I had this, things would be so much better.”

2. Never learned the value of sunrise/sunsets or my balcony. But now after we were forced to stay back and not leave our house’s, its the sun which gives you the rays of light and hope to survive the entire day and by the time its sunset the beautiful view makes it all worth it, like a symbol of you have made it through the day. Every since the lockdown has started I haven’t missed a single sunset and it helps me stay calm and content.

3. I am NOT a shopaholic nor do I need the materialistic things I buy every now and then. What I need is material that actually got me through these tuff times and they were not my clothes/makeup up/shoes that I often would spend most on. I guess my parents are finally going to be proud of me haha!😋

4. I was always an introvert and never really needed anyone else’s company but I even more realized how much I need to understand myself and the importance of family now. This period made me feel lost the most because I had never lived out there alone, forget trying to survive a pandemic away from home.

No one will do what your family does for you, even if I would be tired if I didn’t motivate myself enough to cook I would starve. Hence I taught my self to keep going on, no matter what the conditions may be.

5. I learned how to run a house. I know its not something to be proud of but I am of myself and my mom and all the women out there who single-handedly manage the entire house plus work. I feel so tired managing for a single person, I have begun to value my mom’s hard work all the more.

I am beginning to learn that not all work is done for money, some of it is done just for yourself which at times may even be more draining than your office work but it teaches you a lot of principles.

6. I learned to cook. I never cooked my entire life and was always a pizza/pasta girl but lately when I was forced to survive with none of it but flour and rice I learned the value of the original and most underrated food. It is this that has helped me stay alive this entire time.

And cooking is never easy, it requires all your attention and love or there is no way it will be good. You need to do it willingly no matter how tired you are and always be grateful to God that he gave you this. And mind you, its taught me patience and a new found love for trying out new dishes!

7.In the tech-savy world that we live in , I learnt that its not always technology that helps. When things like big-basket and grofers shut their doors of hope for me due to heavy orders , its the old smaller shops that turned out to be a blessing instead.

Risking themselves they made sure that we would not be hungry and provided us with the essentials. I have decided I am going to help these smaller vendors more by buying from them instead of using apps no matter how convenient they might be. These small vendors deserve much more than they get in real.

8. I realized how important it is to have hobbies. People out there who were only keen on partying and hanging out went crazy during this period and I know quite a few myself lol. Some people made it such a big thing that they can’t wait to leave the house, but in reality what is even wrong with your house?

You get time to spend with your family, you get to bond, what’s wrong in that? A lot of people like me who are stuck alone know how hard it is to do it all alone and yet its no point whining cause it’s just you alone. Reading /drawing and now cooking has been keeping me busy thankfully. Oh and lately, I was lucky enough to get my hands on few plants! So that’s been keeping me busy and content too!

9. I am thankful that I still have my job and I have the liberty to work from home safely. We humans always have a habit of finding things that are not good enough instead of just appreciating what we have and this lockdown definitely has taught me that- to value every single thing. No matter how small or tiny it is, valuing everything is a MUST.

10. Last but not least, trying to stay positive no matter what the conditions are. There are times I wake up absolutely happy and fully charged up. I make sure my day will be productive, whereas there are also days when I feel very bummed out and do nothing on such days. I wouldn’t lie, but those days made me feel bad about myself.

I was being too hard on myself making sure I did everything perfectly and made sure my day had some productivity. But hey! Do you know what I learned this lockdown? That it is OKAY TO DO NOTHING, it is OKAY TO BE EASY on yourself. You deserve it. ❤️ Take those mini-breaks you need, only so you can bounce back even stronger than ever before!

I know we are going through a hard time but I can promise you we will all get through this together, stronger than ever ❤️Do let me know how you are getting through this 2020 lockdown in the comments section below and if you did like my article please do share it with your friends too! Stay safe and take care my lovelies :’)

2020 lockdown
Made myself some yummy Sunday breakfast cause I felt I deserved it after working hard the entire week, make sure you pamper yourself In similar ways cause YOU DESERVE IT ❤️

Lots of love ,

Shriya Pandita💕

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