Navratri is over so what? Let the ghagras do the talk! 

Hey guys! I am back with something different, I am sure everyone’s enjoyed playing dandiya with their different colourful ghagras for the past few days but now that it’s over what do you do with those jingling colorful ghagras? Well mine used to just stay packed back in my cupboard and I guess that’s the case of most of the people! But how about giving your outfit a twist? So today’s post I just took my ghagra out of the pile and styled it up with my white shirt dress( yes that’s a dress as I don’t own that kind of white shirt yet!🙈) . As you can see this outfit is very easy to do and is yet so boho, for the accessory I took just a plain rust gold neck piece as the skirt was too loud with its work and I didn’t want to overdo the look . There are numerous ways of styling your ghagras right from shirts to crop tops to offshoulder tees! For jewellery I would prefer going very subtle if your ghagra has heavy work like mine or else if it’s plain then you should accessorise it with the heavy Gujarati jewerly they wear , in either ways you are making sure your Navratri deco is coming in use 😉 The list just keeps going on and on ! For those asking me I did this shoot in Pink chilli , Arpora, it’s a really beautiful place with such boho vibes and the food also is quite good  although I must say it was very difficult to shoot due to the high humidity levels and on top of that this place isn’t Air conditioned so my hair and makeup was not coming well AT ALL  in any of my pictures and that did disturb me a lot and this place looks so bright and vibrant but in the pictures it was creating a lot of issues, anyways despite all that we somehow came over with it and finished with the shoot and it was such a relief I tell you . Special thanks to my two lovely sisters Simran and Navna for clicking such beautiful pictures despite the various problems that were occouring , I usually never mention of what happens behind the pictures but then sometimes there are people who just like to comment negatively and try to bring you down saying you don’t look pretty , you don’t have the figure you should stop blogging and what not !  but then you yourself know what hard work goes in doing anything that you love however small or big it might be , and not to mention the least one can do is be positive and spread positive vibes all around you , and it’s you who is the winner if you can take up any criticism against you with courage and accept it just like any normal thing cause people talk no matter what ,so never feel low or bad or weak when someone tries to push you down , it’s you who is awsome and you who is the Queen! ❤️ so rule your world the way you like ❤️ hope you liked this post of mine and do not forget to follow me on my instagram : shriyapandita06 

Lots of love 

Shriya Pandita ❤️


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