My Trip To Mumbai

Hey guys! Happy New Year to all you people out there! Hope everyones new year has started out on a great note and for those for whom it hasnt this is just the start lots more good is going to come your way! So todays post is not like the other regular ones but instead here il be talking about my travel to Mumbai. I initially didnt plan on doing this hence you will realise i didnt click many pictures over there but then went on to do it and il be showing you all my outfits of what i wore and what i ate,where i stayed etc! So basically all my outfits are pretty casual and basic cause we would be travelling alot and shopping alot so i just thought that maybe simple would be the best 🙂

I went with my family and this was a trip planned on a really short notice hence i didnt get to shop even a single thing before going , so we left from Goa in the night around 11:30 and reached Mumbai within an hour ,and we stayed there in the hotel Intercontinental located on the Marine Drive and i must say the view from the room was simply just breathtaking! I did a small video on the room and will be posting that on instagram soon! So this is what i wore to the airport, i wore a plain blue denim shirt and layered it up with the leather jacket which i finally used after buying it more than a year ago, the goa weather just doesnt let you wear such hot things. And as i was travelling at night i preffered to wear slacs rather than jeans and completed the outfit with my all time favs Adidas shoes.





DAY 1:

So the next day we woke up kind late cause we had sleplt by 3, went and had breakfast in the buffet and i fell in love with the view there too! Soon after we decided to leave and by the time we actually got ready and stuff it was 1 already (eeps) and the mumbai traffic on top of that 🙁 That day we had to go to Bandra to get some work done and after that went to have lunch at Bunglow No 9 and i must say you get really good Italian food over there. So we ordered for some pasta,pizza,prawn steaks and oh let me tell you we reached Bandra by 3 and had our lunch by 5,Such a haywired timings. So after that we decided to go to Pheonix mall and there was such a huge sale on at all the stores, let me be frank i could just shop from Zara cause it took me first 30 mins to get the chance to enter the trial room and after that all what i tried was either too big or small for me or winter :/ Bad luck! So i just ended up picking a pair of jeans for myself which i liked so much that i ended up wearin them the next day for travelling ,we had gone out with some friends for dinner there only and again reached the hotel by 3 in the night, i guess late nights were just normal things out there. So my outfit for day 1 was a basic striped crop top ,high waist jeans and denim jacket to add a bit of style to the look and again i preffered to go ahead with my adidas shoes.Oh and i forgot to mention , i spotted a really cute tea shop opp  Bunglow no 9 and ended up buyin tea from there only cause of it cute packaging!( I go really weak for cute tiny packages). Here are few pics from the day:










DAY 2:

This day i ended gettin up really late at around 11 and hence we missed the buffet, so we ordered in the room and by the time we were ready again it was past noon. Story of everyday i guess! Todays plans were to go to Pheonix market city at Kurla. We reached there by 2 and i went into H&M and i was so happy i finally found clothes i could buy keeping in mind the  weather in goa.I shopped alot from H&M and actually am planning of doing a haul on it . So after that i went to many more shops but didnt really find anything worth buyin cause again it was all winter stuff! After that went to aldos and i must say they have the most finest bags and i always buy all of mine from them. So i purchased a black hand bag and there was a sale of 40% going on over there. I also got 3 pairs of sunglasses from them as they were all so cute i could just not stop myself from pertaining to only 1! After that we just roamed and stuff and were back to the room again pretty late by 2!It was a really hectic day hence i didnt end up getting any proper pic of my outfit but here 1 mirror selfie should do! The outfit details are given below :




DAY 3:

Today we had plans to go again to Bandra due to some work, and there spent the morning trying out some lovely indian outfits in a boutique and everey oufit i wore i fell in love with each of them, after spending around 2 hours over there i finally finalized on 3 attires i would buy from there and whose pics il be putting up on the blog once i recieved them. After that we had panipuri at Elcos and omg it was so good! Its definitely a place worth going to, over there only i came across these street vendors and ended up buyin a really pretty boho necklace just for 300. Il be showing all what ive shopped later . After that we went to infinity2 in malad and i had hopes of shopping alot from forever21 as that never disaapoints me but sadly there was no new stock and i had similar stuff in my wardrobe 🙁 So i jus got a floral crop top from there and got few accessories and glares and then we went to starbucks and thats how i spent the last day of 2016! Like i told you i had not got time to shop anything before leaving and i loved a baby pink dress i had got a day earlier from H&M so i wore that , and thet glares were the ones i purchased from Aldos . We reached our hotel by 12:30 at night due to the immensely heavy traffic  hence just ordered the food in the room and celebreated new years!


ps: The lounging room of the hotel is so cute!







DAY 4:

It was the last day of our stay and we started early by going and visiting the Nariman point and then headed to do some street shopping in Colaba Causeway where i got alot of stuff! After that we went to some mall whose name i am not quite sure of but it had a really amazing place called as Kidzania and for my bro and sis we decided to go there, while my dad went along with them i and my mom were left with nothing to do for 5 hours! Since there were no brands i shopped from i got really bored out there and mom and me ended up buyin really cute house stuff from home centre , a part of lifestlye store . I know thats kind of weird but they had some really cute stuff i just could not resist 😛 Then we came back to the hotel room early cause we had a flight to catch the next morning. I wore a dusty pink turtle neck top and my wine coloured cullotes.


(for some reason i just like this pic how it is and it is clicked by my small brother who is jus 7!)





DAY 5:

So today was the last day and we had a flight at 11;15 am hence were up really early .For the travel look i just decided to wear again my slacs i wore while coming to Mumbai and a cute off pink top and adidas shoes.The view at 7 in the morning was so beutiful with low tides due to which all the rocks could be seen.Hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as i did while writing this one, i agree its quite long but i just could not cut it short! Hope you guys have an amazing 2017! . Also do not forget to follow me on my instagram – @shriyapandita06 , the last day outfit pics are below:



                                                                  Ps: kindly excuse my no make up really tired face! 







  1. You came here to Mumbai, and you sure had a blast on your short sweet trip; quite relevant from your impeccable diary entry. Supercool! Keep ’em coming!

      1. I’m doing fine, thank you! How are you, it’s been a while..your blog is amazing, keep up! Do stay in touch!

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